I love role-playing games and whenever there is a new RPG game released on the internet, I immediately want to play it.

There was this RPG game that was developed by an indie game developer. This game was the product of a crowdfunding campaign.

What I love about this game is that this was created by one game developer only. That’s right, this was made by none other than Toby Fox. What is this RPG game? It is Undertale.

Undertale is a turn-based RPG that has some amazing elements to it. Not only does it have a compelling story but it is one of the most controversial games ever released. More on that later in the article.

A child was transported to the underground where the realm of monsters resides. The monsters are not able to reach the surface because of a thin magical layer.

The player’s character, a child, was about to be attacked by Flowey, a flower monster who introduces some of the game’s mechanics to the child.

Flowey was about to kill the child when Toriel appeared, a goat-like monster who has some motherly instincts.

Toriel teaches the child that the only way for her to survive the underground is to go into the realm of monsters without killing. Although killing is allowed, the player character must avoid killing any monster to avoid problems.

In the Underworld, the player meets with a lot of friends or enemies depending on what you ultimately want to do with them. These characters are Alphys, the royal kingdom’s resident scientist; Sans and Papyrus, the royal’s sentries; Mettaton, a huge robot that was created by Alphys; and Undyne, the head of the royal army.

The player character has two choices; to kill these characters or show them mercy. If you choose the latter, you will become friends with them and they will aid you in your journey to the underworld.

Later in the game, the player finds out the whole story about the war between the realm of the humans and the realm of the monsters.

Apparently, a human child was transported to the underworld where Asgore, the king of the Underworld, and Toriel, adopted and raised him.

Unfortunately, some rogue flower monsters poisoned the kid to die a slow death. Upon returning the body, the humans were angry with the monsters and thus the beginning of the unending war between them.

The gameplay of Undertale is also amazing. It is a turn-based RPG but instead of giving you commands such as attack or casting magic spells, the game presents you with an interface with a heart in the middle.

The heart will represent the player character and you should avoid the enemy’s attacks to survive. During encounters, monsters will have a dialogue with the player and until such time, they will be “defeated”.

After defeating a monster, you have the option to either kill or spare them. Should you spare monsters, especially the ones that have a bearing on the story, you will ultimately change the ending of the game.

I mentioned before that this game was controversial and that is because it was considered a “cult video game” due to the massive following.

This game is definitely one of the best in terms of plot and gameplay. Not to mention, this game was entirely created by one game developer and only a handful of people chimed in to give some help in the art department.

Undertale is a very good RPG game and one that I would highly recommend to any RPG aficionados out there.