Flashcarts aren’t a new invention—they’ve been around for years. Although the 3DS does receive software updates that, at times, renders flashcarts unusable, the R4 3DS is still perfectly usable with the handheld device. Nowadays, flashcart manufacturers stay on top of the 3DS’ firmware updates, ensuring that their flashcarts aren’t obsolete or rendered unusable.

Lots of people have questions to ask about the R4 3DS. Luckily, we’re here to answer more of the most frequently asked questions about the device. In this series of articles, we’re going to answer even more of the most frequently asked questions about the R4 3DS.

More Frequently Asked Questions ~ The R4 3DS

Users can get a lot out of the R4 3DS—just look at our last two articles about the device. And, there’s even more you can do with the R4 3DS, too. Let’s take a look at what else is possible with this handy device. We last covered the Game Interface menu of the R4 3DS. Now, we’re going to see how to play games through this popular flashcart.

Play Games

The R4 3DS can do a lot of things, but it’s best known for playing and altering games. Playing games through the R4 3DS is simple, too.

To get started, make sure your game is inserted into the device. Boot the handheld and then select the game in the R4 3DS game menu. You’ll only need to touch the screen or press A to start up the game.

If you’re playing the game for the first time, the system will automatically build and save the game’s corresponding file. It’ll also notify you that the game’s save file will be affected by its functionality. Each time the game saves, the device’s save files will automatically update each time you play the game. That’s pretty handy if you want to have an auto save function while you’re playing.

The R4 3DS saves its files by date and the name of the game in play; the file extension is .SAV.

The neat thing about the R4 3DS is that is doesn’t overwrite save files. That means you can access older save files if you need. You can access these files by viewing the data via your computer, where you can copy these files, too.

Note: If you’re planning to save multiple files on the R4 3DS, make sure you keep track of your files. It’s tempting to have saves documenting each step of your game’s progress, but remember that sometimes it gets a little tricky keeping track of all of those saves!